Vogue in Wyoming

I admit, I was pretty excited when Blake Lively, who is so tall and sparkly and whose hair is my spirit animal, announced she was working on a lifestyle site.  While she claimed it wouldn’t be anything like that other celebrity lifestyle site (looking at you, Goop), I was actually hoping it would be.  After all, the whole point of a lifestyle site from someone who is tall and sparkly and has perfect hair is to get a glimpse of, well, their life.  So imagine my disappointment when her site, Preserve, launched earlier this week and instead of seeing pictures of her Louboutin-filled closet or her favorite shampoo, I was looking at $40 salt and a rambling post about what BBQ is.  The Guardian nailed it when they called it “another pandering mess of ecommerce”.

Disappointment about the website aside, it has given us a chance to see more Blake as she makes the promotional rounds this month, and my favorite appearance so far is in Vogue.  The images were shot in Wyoming underneath the Tetons and they are stunning.  As someone who lives in the West, I can say that this is an absolute fantasy and no one really looks or dresses quite like this.  But what a fantasy it is:

Blake-Lively-Vogue-August-2014-Cover-Video blake-lively-mario-testino-2014-1 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-03_170247646998 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-05_170248179771 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-07_170250804946 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-10_170252818889 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-09_170251812249 blake-lively-vogue-cover-august-2014-02_170246173907 blake-lively-vogue-2blake-lively-mario-testino-2014-5

The American West is such a special and unique place.  Sure, I bitch about living here from time to time, but I’m so glad I’ve gotten to experience life out here.  I may not be living it in a $3,000 Ralph Lauren Navajo-print dress, but I’m still living it.

Lake Life

Our trip home from Boston was, thankfully, not as eventful as our trip out there…if you don’t count the fact we got stuck in 17 miles of bumper to bumper traffic leaving Maine, gave our rental car to my brother to let him figure out what to do with it and ran, literally, onto the plane at Logan.  I’m over flying for the foreseeable future.

While on the plane back, with John sitting 2 rows behind me and finding myself ridiculously unprepared without headphones, magazines and my unwillingness to pay for in-flight wifi, I reflected on our whirlwind trip home.  It’s more work than either of us imagined; bouncing around from family member to friends to family member, trying to see and be seen by everyone while also trying to lay down and take a nap here and there.  In 9 days, we visited Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, the South Shore, Connecticut, Boston again and finally ended up in Maine.  I spent more time in a car during this trip than I did when we drove from Boston to Taos.  Luckily, our time in Maine gave us a chance to slow down and relax, but it also gave us something more.

When I was growing up, my family went to the Vineyard during the summer.  I consider myself an ocean girl, and the island is where our best family memories were made.  Those summer experiences on the water are something we’ll always share, and they will always bind our family no matter how far apart we are today.  My experiences with lakes, however, have been few and far between, from a traumatic summer camp experience in New Hampshire to an awkward long weekend on Lake George in New York as a freshman in college.  My roommate at school had a family camp up in the Belgrade Lakes region in Maine, and she would tell me about going up there in the winter, where in order to shower they would cut a hole in the ice and jump in.  When she asked if I wanted to come up for winter break, I politely declined.  So when our good friends (haaayyyy, friends!) offered to host us for the 4th at their family house up in Belgrade, I thought hey, at least it will be warm enough to bathe in the lake.  What I did not expect, however, was to be so taken with Belgrade and lake life that by the end of the weekend, John and I were looking at waterfront properties.

While on that plane ride home, I began to think about what our lives could look like if we had a little lake escape of our own.  By my collection of Pendleton blankets rolled up in my LLBean tote in our bedroom, something tells me I’d like it…I’d like it a lot.



















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Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.00.39 AM

Just like our summer on the Vineyard, life up in Belgrade has it’s own rhythm that let’s you just live in the moment.  We spent our time on the water, playing chess, reading, stopping into the little stores that dot the main street and sitting around the long dining room table, with enough seats for 14, to tell stories of our childhoods and inappropriate jokes.  To say it was a bonding session doesn’t paint the whole picture; it was more like gaining a family.  This is what these places do, these houses that bring people together and take them away from televisions, Twitter and traffic.  It’s the type of house John and I want for our future family, and not just because I want to decorate it (See: photos in this post) but because we want to make memories. These houses are where the best memories are made.

Huge thanks to our friends & their parents for showing us an awesome time at their summer family spot and letting us stay in their beautiful home.  Perhaps we’ll be neighbors?  Bet you wish you didn’t invite us up now…

All images from my Pinterest page

Airports are the Worst

We need to talk about airport style.



Miranda Kerr & Baby Flynn Bloom Arrive At JFK













It’s my dream to jet off on a trip in full sartorial glory – booties, a hat, sunglasses, chic bag or two, hair down and glossy and bouncing along as I walk happily towards vacation.  But what I just went through yesterday at the Dallas Fort Worth airport reminds me why every time I think I can pull this off, the universe shits all over it.

We’re en route to Boston for a friend’s wedding and because we were up most of the night doing last minute packing, I decided not to wash my hair in the morning to save time. No worries, I’ll just throw a chic hat over it and look JUST like Blake Lively!




I tempted fate by wearing my white skinny jeans, a heather gray t-shirt, my black blazer and my Birkenstocks, which thank sweet baby Jesus are back in style because I draw the fashionable line at comfortable airport footwear.  I would rather walk barefoot in the airport bathrooms than wear high heels to walk the 14 miles between every connection I’ve ever had.   I thought I looked cute, comfortable but just fashionable enough to not embarrass myself in public – that is, if I kept my mouth shut.

Our flight out of Albuquerque was delayed by 30 minutes, and then another 45 minutes in the air.  We made it to Dallas and fearfully checked our connection flight, which was happily listed as “on time”. Fantastic, because that left us exactly 4 minutes to spare.  Up at the Skylink station, a pleasant man announces that the trains are shut down due to weather, so “if you could kindly walk to your terminal”.  Kindly walk.  I will kindly punch you in the face so hard you will fly to the next terminal, and I will hitch a ride on your back.  We started to sprint, because of course, of course the gate we needed to get to could not, in all the laws of physics, mathematics and voodoo, have been further away from where we were.  By my guess, it was approximately 14 miles.

I arrive at the gate a rank mess.  I’d lost the blazer and ditched the hat somewhere around gate C37.  My hair hung in sweaty strands that stuck to my face.  My carefully selected GRAY t-shirt had sweat marks up the back that could rival a marathoner’s.  Good news, our next flight has just been delayed another hour.  I immediately go find ice cream.  After being told to board the place, going through the safety demo, then deciding it wasn’t going anywhere fast, we were all told to deplane.  I went and found more ice cream.  A few hours later, back on the plane, up in the air and off we go.  Our scheduled arrival was 8:30pm so we were a little on the late side, touching down a minute before midnight.  At the rental car lot, we were directed to not one but TWO empty parking spaces.  Man, that hertz after traveling so far and just needing some wheels to get home. The icing on this fucked up cake is once inside our car, all traffic in the state of Massachusetts were funneled into one lane in the one tunnel that was open.  It is not unreasonable to believe that someone wishing to drive from Los Anglese to Baton Rouge was somehow detoured through the Callahan tunnel in Boston last night.  We sat in a parking lot of traffic at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday night.

I ask you, who could ever get through a day like that in leather pants?  Getting through this day was tough enough in regular pants.  I fully understand why some people at the airport look like they’re going to the gym or to bed, because sometimes when you’re traveling, that is exactly what you’re doing.  So I am over trying to look cute, and to prove it, the only wardrobe item I plan on adding to my travels is this baby.


Stay Classy, Taos

My favorite thing to do when I was younger was to read the police reports in our small town newspaper.  Nothing was funnier than seeing the write ups of old ladies calling the police station to report that “a raccoon ate my trash” and “a basketball bounced into my yard”.  I kid you not, those were the type of things people reported to the police in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Luckily, and also more terrifying, Taos is proving to be far more entertaining.  You just cannot make this shit up:

3:06 p.m., Harassment, Santo Niño — A man reported that someone was threatening to go to his house and shoot his son. The man does not want to have scatter brains all over the place. 

11:11 a.m., Suspicious act, Gusdorf Road — A man reported that there are some people sleeping on his neighbors roof.

1:10 a.m., Frequent patrol, Camino del Merced — A man requested a patrol of his property. He advised he had a funny feeling about it because this individual is turning into a crack head and he has heard this individual is a thief and has a bad feeling about it.

11:16 p.m., Larceny, Linda Vista Street — A woman advised there is a man inside her residence and he has taken her blanket and will not return it to her.

11:35 p.m., Wild animal calls, Highway 38 — It was reported a huge bear was tearing apart their RV and need help ASAP.

2:13 p.m., Abused animal, La Morada Road — A woman reported that she want to report the loudest barking dog on the face of the planet. She does not want to give any info because she’s afraid of these people.

10:33 p.m., Battery, Paseo del Pueblo Sur — It was advised a man keeps banging on the window and two people are beating each other up behind the Dumpster.

1:20 p.m., Warrant, Camino de Santiago — A man was reported handing out strawberries at the church.

8:59 a.m., Disturbing the peace, Reed Street — A man reported someone was there and if an officer doesn’t get there ASAP, they are going to kick his ass.

8:59 p.m., Criminal damage, Civic Plaza Drive — It was stated that someone was at the intersection of Civic Plaza when a man pushed them to the side and started walking to the vehicle. They got scared and locked the doors. He then ripped off the license plate from the truck they were driving. They stated the man looked like the guy from Breaking Bad and was driving a lime green Subaru.

2:17 a.m., Welfare check — A woman reported that she went outside to see the stars and she could hear a faint voice of someone trying to yell for help. She stated she eventually tracked the yelling man to the Baptist church.

11:18 p.m., Suspicious person, La Mente de Coyote — It was reported that there was a man in all camo who was standing in the dark.

10:46 a.m. — A woman advised she need an officer to talk to her 15-year-old brother and scare him because he does not know how to behave.

9:14 a.m., Shoplifting, Paseo del Pueblo Sur — It was reported that a dirty-looking man with a limp and a beard in greenish-brown Capri pants just stole some sushi and alcohol.

Excuse me while I spiral into complete panic knowing that most of these people probably have guns.  Way to go, America.