Map of Success

Today I want to share an illustration I did recently, but first, as a life-long New England resident, a note on the Patriots:

(Phil, I was going to begin this diatribe with an expletive beginning with “F” but I was afraid that would come across as too aggressive?)

Like many republicans who are “not scientists, but…” or moms who “aren’t doctors, but…”, I’m not a football pIayer, therefore anything I have to say about it will probably be moot.  BUT.  I’m really amazed that this is such an issue… because I find it extremely difficult to imagine the reason the Pats are so great is that they under-inflate their footballs.  Lest we forget, I recall all the years that Brady and Pats went to and won Superbowls, so it’s more than silly to say their “advantage” is a few squishy pigskins – because let’s face it, no one wins with saggy balls.

The big secret of their success is the Pats are a great team – a combo of coaching, players and attitude that works.  I wonder how many people remember when they really sucked; when fancy Gillette Stadium was Foxboro Stadium with metal bleacher seats; when not getting into the playoffs was de rigueur.  We’ve come a long way, baby.  How is this team, this clan of powerhouse players who are really, really good at their jobs, any different from the Dallas Cowboys of the 90’s? Or the Oakland Raiders of the 80’s?  A team’s glory comes and goes many times.  We’re in a glory streak right now, and you know what, the guys who play on that team earned it.

See you at the Superbowl, bitches.

NOW.  Look at my painting!

I made this for my brother and his GF who, along with Cooper the Maniacal Maltipoo, have decided to shack up in Brookline.  They’re living in my old ‘hood, Coolidge Corner, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods around Boston.  BONUS, it’s right down the street from where Mr. Deflategate himself and his Brazilian sugarmama reside.




I Spy

I recently came across these photos by Simon Menner featuring elite German snipers in camouflage.  Even though the answers are provided for you, I still cannot see these snipers.  This is such a fascinating series. Click on the images for a larger format, but even then I doubt you’ll be able to see them.

10.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is under the twigs and branches on the left.

4.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper’s muzzle is visible on top of the two big boulders in the lower right corner.

Simon states that the sniper is aiming at the camera in all of these shots.  How crazy!  His statement on the work involves his ideas of how images can influence our decisions and our actions, even when we cannot clearly see them.

8.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is under a moss cover behind a small tree with a bent trunk on the left side of the image.

11.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is under the left side of the birch tree.

6.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is straight up from the big boulder in the lower left corner, where the color of the stones changes from light to dark.

13.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is on a small hill close to the edge of the forest on the right side of the image.

2.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe sniper is on the right of the path inside the small bushes.

These images would make beautiful conversation pieces hanging above your sofa.  Your guests might never know there was a gun pointed at them as they’re viewing a photo of a German forest.

Some People Do But Baby in the Corner

The internet is on fire with apartment-dwellers turning closets into rooms for their new babies, or at least my internet is on fire with this topic because I tend to search for things most other 28-year-old city-dwelling-designer women do.  A lot of sites have done quite a few posts on this topic.   It seems that when you’re ready to start a family but not quite ready to give up your downtown shoebox just yet, this is actually a pretty decent solution.  My first reaction among seeing these closet-turned-nursey rooms was WOW, so many people in cities have walk-in closets – jealous.

It seems though, that many other people are more shocked by the fact that these rooms don’t have windows (!) or proper air ventilation (!) or sometimes a door (GASP!).  When did it become standard to have your baby sleep in their own room with doors and properly opening windows?  What the hell did people do when they were living in caves?  Or how about the millions of large families today who live in one room?  We strap our kids in cars and fly 75 miles per hour down the freeway, but putting them to sleep in a crib, in an alcove of your home, is somehow the unsafe thing to do.

kate2From A La Mode

serene-corner-closetJohn and I live in a 4th floor walk-up without enough storage for the amount of clothes we currently have – I can’t imagine adding another person to this space with us, no matter how tiny they and their pants are.  But seeing as we’ve just moved back in, don’t have firm plans to move out and aren’t getting any younger, this solution seems perfect if we find ourselves adding to the Mitzell clan.  Don’t get me wrong – we both agree that it would suck, but I’ve heard that having a newborn sucks anyway.  Real Mother of the Year potential over here.

put-the-baby-in-the-closetThis nook from Apartment Therapy is chicer than most full-size nurseries I’ve ever seen.

I’m all for this idea; it may not be ideal to raise kids in a small apartment, but when they’re babies, they don’t even know where their noses are.  I doubt they would be offended.  The family who lives in the apartment next to us, and the one below us, both have 2 children each – and both their apartments have 1 bedroom.  I don’t know how much longer they plan to stay in the city, but for now they both love being able to walk to the library or the park or a café with their kids.  For some, perhaps that beats out an extra 120 square feet and a matching changing table any day.

I’ve been Minted!

A while back, I submitted some work to, a major paper goods website, to see if, by chance, they liked me.  Each year they have a huge wedding invitation competition; thousands of designs are created by people from all over the world.  Having never entered an artistic competition before in my life, no less a large global one, I didn’t know what to expect and therefore was blissfully ignorant.  I just designed what I liked and sent it off.  In fact, I’ve never even designed invitations before – not even for my own wedding.  Well imagine my surprise when I received an email over the weekend declaring that I was a winner!


I’m so excited!  I absolutely love watercolor illustration and the notion that I could actually get paid to do it just makes me pinch myself.  I’m looking forward to much more Minted work in my future, and hopefully a lot of custom work as well – because when you go custom, you can really create something unique.  You have a lot more play with your typography, which takes design to the next level.  Here are some of my inspirations for custom illustrated invites that are just the bee’s knees:


So cheers to the New Year and a new venture for my creativity!  I’m excited to enter more challenges, push my designs further and hopefully make many beautiful invites this year.